Voice Disorders

Do you notice unexplained voice changes that have not gone away?  Is your voice too loud or too soft?  Do you have difficulty speaking in a group?  Do you have vocal nodules?  Does your voice prevent you from working or engaging in activities?  Do people sometimes think you are sick because of the sound of your voice?

Voice disorders may occur if something is wrong with the vocal folds (vocal cords) as well as other structures in the larynx (voice box).  Tissue may become swollen or injured from over-use, mis-use, illness, injuries or irritants.  Inadequate support from the respiratory system and incorrect focus of your voice can also lead to difficulty.  You may notice that your voice sounds strained or breathy, possibly like you have a cold.  You may lose your voice frequently, have difficulty projecting or feel like your voice is too soft or too loud.  Sometimes neurologic problems lead to voice disorders.  

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