for voice, breathing and swallowing

Liz Bisch Platt 



Speech is the expression of thoughts and feelings by articulated sounds and comprises only one method of human communication.  Communication is the imparting or exchange of thoughts, feelings, information or news and is also a means of connection between people or places.  The expression of this information or thoughts occurs through speech, writing or gestures.  A speech-language pathologists may work with speech, writing and gestures to help prevent, evaluate and treat difficulties in all aspects of communication in children and adults.

Targeted Areas in My Practice 

  • Presentation Skills
  • Articulation
  • Dysarthria
  • Accent or Dialect Modification
  • Fluency/Stuttering
  • Pragmatics - Non-Verbal Communication
  • Language
  • Cognition - memory, thinking, organization
  • Transgender communication