Frequently Asked Questions:

​1.  Will my insurance pay for sessions with Liz?  I am out of network for all insurance companies, so check your insurance coverage for an out-of-network provider.   I do require payment at the time of service.  I will give you documentation to assist in obtaining reimbursement from your insurance company.  A referral from a doctor is most helpful in insuring you maximize your reimbursement potential.

2.  Do I need to see a doctor before I see Liz?  It depends.  Many people I see have complicated medical problems so do require medical testing.  I will request that you obtain a referral from your doctor because this will assist you with reimbursement.  I will also need a summary of your medical history and pertinent testing.  If  I feel unsure about anything in your medical status during our work together, I will refer you back to your doctor.  

​3.  How long will I need to see Liz?  Again, it depends.  Therapy to improve breathing can be finished in 3 sessions.  Voice therapy typically lasts 8 or more sessions.  Articulation therapy can last for months.  Time spent in therapy is dependent on your motivation to work hard and learn the techniques needed to reach your goals.  

4.  What can I expect from my evaluation?  I will conduct a detailed review of your medical record, complete a battery of tests uniquely designed to help me understand your difficulty, conduct "trial therapy" to insure that I plan exercises that do in fact help you improve and design a home program to immediately help you begin the process of recovery and change.  A parent or guardian needs to be present for all children under 18.


    p: 847-793-3105