Do you have a problem such as vocal cord dysfunction/paradoxical vocal fold motion, or chronic cough?  Do allergies or irritants put a strain on your breathing?  Has it been awhile since you've had a good night's sleep?  Have you ever wondered what normal breathing is?

Many individuals seek my assistance for difficulty with paradoxical vocal fold motion, most commonly referred to as vocal cord dysfunction.  This problem has been referred to by many names including "inducible laryngeal obstruction". While many view this as a voice disorder, I believe it is a disorder of breathing and must be treated with knowledge of the entire respiratory system.  Often misdiagnosed as asthma, common symptoms include shortness of breath, throat and or chest tightness and inability to take an adequate breath.  Difficulty can occur in response to exercise, allergies, fumes, stress or for no apparent reason.  Some individuals also struggle with habit cough and throat clearing.


PVFM/VCD with exercise 



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